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    Please Review New Site

    Looking for some constructive critiscism on the following site

    Thanks in advance.

    Peter Ronan

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    My initial reaction to the site was that it had a bad content:image ratio. Seem's like the whole site is made up of text. Also, the gradient fills on the left and right vertical bars are .gif's and would probably look more fluid as .jpg's. I can only suggest that you try to incorporate either a sleeker, less overwhelming table system -- or that you add a few more graphics to make the large amount of text seem smaller.

    Good luck!

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    As above with one question - what is 'high speed storage'?


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    more pictures

    not too pleasing to the eye.

    change up the font size

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    Yes, itīs a good business design - you get all information that you want but if you visit this site, you will miss some pictures. try to create some pictures for the backround or a banner with a picture of a server or something else, then it would look really more friendly.

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