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    I own the website and domain name, including the source code.

    Based on the very popular flash game, the website is the only site on the internet which offers a crack/cheat to play the game.

    Launched in June 2007 :
    At the moment the stats for June and now July are as follows.

    Jun 2007 542 698 4626 7650
    Jul 2007 644 816 5492 10851

    With a few links to blogs about the game most of our trafic actually comes from google around 20-30 visitors a day searching for cheats on Monkey Kick Off find us, as we are the only site offing a cheat for the game.

    When typing in Monkey Kick Off Cheat, we are on the fist page, depending on the search we even come top.

    At the moment i have placed google ads on the site which generates me around $10 a month, based on current stats.

    I'm open to offers, which includes domain name, website, source code etc.

    Thanks all.

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    Jul 2007
    If you can provide proof of income I am offering you $50.

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    below is a link to a screen dump for last months stats, with google

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    Jul 2007
    Based on stats my offer is $35.

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    thanks but no thanks.

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