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    Introducing - A New Way To Increase Clients

    Are you a first-mover-advantage hosting company? Well, if so, I invite you to check out HostPR designs and develops a PR strategy and retention strategy to get you the sales you thought you were missing. It also creates exposure for you and your company. Take advantage of it today!

    -HostPR Staff.

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    broken link?

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    Originally posted by Asia
    broken link?
    it was working like a second ago, but when I tried it a second time it was dead.


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    Our host is having apache problems. Please check back in an hour or two. I dont know why this is happening but it should be up soon.

    I can answer any questions you may have here

    Thank you!

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    HostPr could you send me some pricing on this.. Looks like a good idea and may try it out for some new thins coming up for us..

    Also could you send me some links to PR's you have done as well.

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    All inquiries are being responded to. Sorry for the downtime

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    I'm right behind you.
    Sounds like a great idea - good luck with your new service..

    We've added your site to our marketplace @

    Good luck
    Marketing For Hosting Companies:

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    Some pricing details would be nice... please PM or email me the details
    Peachtree WebWorks, LLC

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    Thank you for the kind words. All emails so far have been answered. Can I answer anymore questions?

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    Here is a sample EPK (electronic press kit) =


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