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  1. #1 - your opinion on this host?

    Hi, I am hosted by
    and so far am not having the best time. Has anyone heard or worked with this company before?

    They offer hosting for $30 a year for 200mb and 5gig
    and $100 a year for 400mb and 25gig

    The thing is - the bandwidth is going like crazy! Every day I check, more and more and more is gone. Unbelievably fast, especially if there isn't much on the site to suck the bandwidth up.
    They charge with PayPal and also use Control Panel powered by Ensim.
    Also the statistic for space log sometimes goes up to 300-500mb a month.

    Can anyone tell me if this is a control panel problem or is this the company that is doing this? A lot of money is being paid to them for extra bandwidth, so I'm not sure if they're just doing it on purpose.

    Thank you

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    Which control panel do they use?

    And why the heck did they use phpNuke for a hosting site?

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    I have no clue why PHP Nuke would be used for it... thanks for pointing that out!

    As far as CPanel goes is the control panel. In my years of domain owning, I've never seen one like this >.<

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