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    Cyberwings--Can we contact LS to get our database?

    I was on Plesk8 at Cyberwings and was wondering if it is possible to contact LightShip (LS) to be able to access our data base.

    Has anyone able to to this or have done this? Is this even possible?

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    No, it won't happen, people have tried and posted they were unable.

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    In all honesty I suspect client data is long gone now. I'd like to be proved wrong and all those customers will get access to their data again to move on, but as it hasn't happened yet, I think you may be well advised to pick up sticks and try again.

    Note: personal opinion not based on fact

    Greg Moore
    Former Webhost... now, just a guy.

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    Yup--- people need to realize that 'seems too good to be true' = 'too good to be true' and move on. It would be nice to think that a host coudl afford to give you a gig of space and 20gigs of bandwidth for a hundred bucks for the rest of your life....but this is real life here-- not that fantasy world where we all date movie stars, win the lottery every other day and the products advertized on late night tv actually work exactly like they show on the commercials.

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