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    Hostname problem

    When i set up freebsd it asks for a valid host name. Im not to clear on what it is but from what i can figure out, i think it means the hostname ( has to exist? So i want to do something like but i dont have the hostname set up because i only have 1 machine so far.... If anyone understands what im asking, would you please help me out with some info or a link to some info. Thanks a lot!


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    Hostname is like the name of your machine.

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    this may be a double post

    when i do cpanel says "not a quailifed hostname" do i need to set up a dns for

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    You need to have the hostname defined in the domain records.....
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    keep in my that ...

    box1=hostname name

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    go to the dns records of and add an A record for box1 -> point it to an IP on your box

    if has diff nameservers on diff boxes, all of them should have that A record
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    ok that sort of helps, but there is no dns for I only have one machine so should i first set up the dns for on box1 than make an A record and have the host name Thanks!

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