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    FreeVSD as a foundation?

    does anyone have an opinion on using FreeVSD as a foundation for developing a complete hosting automation solution?

    thanks for the input!

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    Hi, personally I do not at this time. The simple reason that it lacks a few features of a VSD. Mainly the access level permitted. Unlike the other ones there isent a real fake root user created, just whats called an admin user. So you do not have the full access that you would with a real VSD. As for a automation. I would focus on making it in shell and perl scripts. I do not have them anymore, but I made a few very simple things. One was a setup process, Just a shell script asking me questions like ip, domain, etc for it. Then I had a hacked section of the cp for freevsd that displays bandwidth. then I had the program that watched the bandwith(just IP chains with clever programming). If you want to automate somthing, automate the install and write detailed directions That thing took me forever to learn and understand.
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    Is there any open source code out there that you would suggest using as a starter for developing a complete web hosting and server management solution?

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    This may help

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    hosting automation solution
    Sounds like ensim
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