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    SQL Express Install on 64bit VPS

    The install on a 32 bit vps was not problematic at all.

    I do, however, recommend using the Control Panel>remove/add programs>install new programs applet be used to install new things. With Win 2003 can be the difference of a istall that works..or a install that does not work..due to file permission problems when the applet is not used.

    This is primarily for 64bit VPS there were serious problems.

    The fix involves a few edits to the system registry...and if you've never done this need to take it slow and


    It is possible to mess it up...and completely fudge the server. is true. Trust me..there is a reason there is no

    link to regedit.exe for a very good reason indded.

    It was bad enough in Windows 95 and Windows 98..when the registry only contained Binary entries and hex. With the

    introudction of NT..the powers that be decided executables belonged in there too.

    The basic rule of thumb: If you don't understand what the key is..don't touch.

    Make a vps backup if you can..just in case. However..if you take it slow..there is no way you are going to crash anything.

    Here's what you do:

    1. Install SQL express and the management component
    2. When you start the management will likely get a error:

    Cannot find or repair..blahblah../mscorlib.tlb

    3. Fijnd the absolute path to the 64bit version of mscorlib.tbl

    Mine was:


    Yours may be different..just check by clicking on the good ole "my Computer">Whatever dirve>whereever

    Now..close it out and go to "run" and type regedit

    Regedit in all it's..umm.."glory" should start...and we are going to do a search for:


    The only keys I had to mess with had simple mistakes..except for the last one..which I believe is the cause for this error.

    There are a few keys that read:


    Just change them to


    You do this by right-clicking on the key and select modify

    As I said..I really don't think this is the problem..but..your decision. I did.

    You can step through to the next key using the same search by hitting F3 key.

    The real problem is a key that has variables. It involves a key called tblrepair or something.

    Here's what I did:

    I simply gave it a absolute path.

    The key was something like:

    %Windows directory%/blahblah/blah/%version%/

    I simply replavced it with a absolute path..which is above. Seems to work fine.

    We shall see.
    Bryon L Harvey
    Soil Relocation Engineer

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    I have an update.

    I failed to mention turned out not to make a bit of difference anyway.

    When I installed this on VPS8..I did go into IIS setup and enabled 64bit ASP.Net (Turned off by default)

    Last night..when I provisioned VPS18 for service..I forgot myself that I had enabled the 64Bit version. It made no difference at all..other than:

    That critical line in the registry now has two options.

    I could enable 64bit and fix it as above or...I could point that to the "normal" 32 bit version. I will do that..and see if it causes problems by not using the 64bit as before.

    The only difference is ..\Framework64\

    would be \Framework\

    Bryon L Harvey
    Soil Relocation Engineer

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    OK..32bit framework used..

    As I had stated..for this vps I was going to fix the registry so it pointed to the 32bit version of the 2.X framework.

    It worked fine..however..there was a few more steps it is unable to find the main database by itself.

    Just click on <browse..>
    click the plus in front of local databases..and select:


    The 64bit version does this automagically.

    Bryon L Harvey
    Soil Relocation Engineer

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    this is a nice tutorial. I tried it and it works.


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