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    A new REALLY professional template! Don't miss this thread! [just look inside]

    I'm happy to announce a new template from a 'really professional' series.

    Bright colors and original style forming an outstanding picture made to meat modern tendencies of web design. Awesome, professional design. Suitable for a hosting company or any other >medium company, which wants to show its prosperity & quality, for those who pay attention to details. This is a complete visual solution. Color scheme can be later used to form a corporate style. I would love to apply this template to an existing site (for those who need re-design).

    The package includes:

    1) The graphics template sliced into HTML and ready-to-use with any CMS, which supports templates.
    2) Splash screen.
    3) Free minor graphics customization (menus, buttons etc).
    4) Free full site design based on texts provided by customer (up to 10 pages).

    Can be viewed here:

    Package's price is $345. (mail me)
    Payment options: Credit Card, Western Union, Wire Transfer.

    Each page can have a custom header based on the style of the main one ($25 per page). After the splash screen the site can have a flash intro (starting from $100).

    I would like to be e-mailed by serious people/companies who can afford such design (and of course like it) and who realize the meaning of visual solutions and corporate style in the web.

    And as usual, you may order any type of custom design. Contact me to get a quote.

    My e-mail is still the same: [email protected]

    Thank you for you time,
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    nice template, wouldnt pay that much for it tho

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    lol $345 ..I seen better for 30 on this board,
    Sorry but WAY to PLAIN for $345

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    I really don't want to start the flame here (again).
    Please send all your comments regarding the price by e-mail or PM.

    Thank you.

    PS: please also don't forget to include URLs to 'better templates for $30' in your messages.

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    Nice job. Did you do the grapic on the left of the header?

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    Not me personally, but the designer from our team made this image and I pasted it into the project's main file with some alpha effect.

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    gotta say, nice template. good luck!

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    That is a very nice template, but again, I think the text is a bit too small. Hope it sells!

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    looks good...wish I could afford something like that.

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    I don't understand why people keep bitching about high prices. Average web designers (full, basic sites - basic as in, just html, not php, asp, etc) make much more than this per site, and that is what he's doing. READ the description - content is included, up to 10 pages. I swear, some of you act like you just click the template link and scan through the message for a price and respond with your opinion on why it should be cheaper.

    On top of that, a lot of templates sold on this board go for cheap prices, even though I'm sure they could get more for them.

    Professional does NOT always equal "graphic intense."

    Anyway. I do think it is excellent, definitely worth the price. I'll bet it gets annoying coming here and seeing 30 replies, none of which are offers Sorry, I can't afford it or I'd buy it just to be nice, heh.

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    Thank you for your replies.

    I expected such replies about the price and can tell you guys once again - you're worng, the price is just right and I would say that the package is NOT expensive.

    It is still for sale.

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