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    Recommend a servlet/JSP host

    I am looking for inexpensive servlet/JSP hosting. This is primarily a learning tool but I will have my personal sites there, too. (Although they don't amount to much, either!) I've gotten a good start in PHP and it's time to tackle a new project.

    You can do all this on a local copy of tomcat but then it's hard to show it to anyone! Or use it in a job interview.

    Does anyone have any recommendations?

    Thanks for the help,

    Rick Morrison
    [email protected]

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    Despite the name, you should try , its free and specializes in java, servlets etc...
    You have to answer a skill-testing question before they let you join.
    "Which class does a servlet usually inherit from? "

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    I've used with no problems yet.

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    Newbie looking to improve Java Skills.

    Realize this posting is later than the above but hope it helps anyone else looking for Java options.

    I found this site: that has a section listing Servlet ISPs.

    Some have users reviews. Yet, obviously do your own research before committing.

    Hope this helps.

    Does anyone else have leads to other ISPs providing advanced Java capabilities?


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