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    High quality cluster-based hosting. Guaranteed uptime. Awesome WHT Specials!

    This offer has been designed for customers who want really stable and flexible service.
    All our systems, represented by the following offers is 100% fault tolerant so it's not
    cheap but you'll be provided with big discount for the start time.

    1. Cluster-based virtual hosting in Fremont, CA Facility.

    This service looks like but works absolutely unlike traditional virtual hosting.
    Main benefits:
    - pay-per-use billing;
    - awesome reability - guaranteed 100% uptime;
    - ultimate scalability - no limits for data transfer and CPU usage (you can host
    very, very large projects);
    - prefect security scheme - virtual hosts is fully isolated;
    - fully automated, instant signup and service management (control panel);

    In the same time the service is unrestricted, fully featured.

    Brief system description:
    - 15 Dual-CPU PC in the cluster;
    - multiple web servers with automatic failover;
    - data storage on the SCSI RAID-5 arrays bakced
    up hourly with another SCSI RAID arrays;
    - mysql service done by multiple, replicated
    servers with automatic failover;
    - redundant network connection using clustered Cisco switches;
    - state-of-art HostCentric Tier-1 backbone;

    Prices starts at $1,95/GB of data transfer. As you know, using most of the
    traditional vurtual hosting plans you'll pay for number of services that
    you'll never use. Here you can avoid it.

    Example calculation #1:
    - 10 domains;
    - 15 fully independent sites. 10 using domains + 5 using subdomains.
    each provided with ftp/telnet account and mysql database;
    - 14 sites under 50 MB of space, one site uses 300 MB of space;
    - 10 GB/month summary data transfer;

    Price: extra 250 MB for one site @ $0,02/50 MB/day + 10 GB @ $1,95 GB = only $22,5/month !

    Example calculation #2:
    - one domain;
    - two fully independent sites (domain + subdomain).
    each provided with ftp/telnet account and mysql database;
    - all sites under 50 MB of space;
    - 1 GB/month summary data transfer;

    Price: 1 GB @ $1,95/GB = only $1,95/month !


    2. VDS Power 30 Cluster-based virtual dedicated server.

    It's great solution for customers need ultimate flexibility of the server software.

    Virtual Dedicated Server (VDS) is a secure environment that looks, feels and works
    like your own dedicated server. Even though there are multiple virtual servers running
    on same physical hardware, you are securely separated from everyone else, essentially
    'partitioning' the system into multiple execution environments. You are also guaranteed
    a certain amount of resources that will be available exclusively for you, and are
    limited in the resources you can use at peak.

    The VDS Power is a powerful cluster-based solution that is perfect for mission-critical

    Like our cluster-based virtual hosting, VDS Power will keep working even after a hardware
    failure. It also gives you anough power to run high bandwidth site or e-commerce application.

    VDS Power 30 Cluster-based features:
    - Virtual CPU equivalent to Pentium-450
    - 128 MB RAM
    - 1 GB disk space
    - 30 GB/mo data transfer included
    - one IP address
    - Control Panel
    - preinstalled Apache, FTP & MySQL servers
    - root access (SSH)
    - $1/GB data transfer overages
    - $29,95/mo or $299/year, no setup fee

    Equipment serving VDS Power 30 is located in New York, 25 Broadway (Telehouse).
    Bandwidth provider is



    FREE TEST of the services is available for the buth offers. You can create an account
    and use it's credit to test cluster-based virtual hosting or just order free VDS Demo.

    WHT SPECIAL: We'll add 50% to the amount of your initial deposit. Just contact us telling URL of this post.
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    Host on Fly - 100% uptime with
    cluster-based hosting system.

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    What software are you using for the VDS? Sphera? FreeVSD?

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    We are using our own software, based on FreeBSD.
    Host on Fly - 100% uptime with
    cluster-based hosting system.

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    this could be exactly what ive been looking for, for an upcoming project. should it go ahead ill be in touch.
    ps very nice graphs on the front page for load and bw are they your own coding or something else

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    Sure. It's realtime statistics from the cluster-control system (our own product too).
    Host on Fly - 100% uptime with
    cluster-based hosting system.

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    Uh oh, from the graphs it looks like cluster 2 is down... (Or atleast was down)
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    <edit> double post <edit>

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    Most likely it was short-time connectivity problems.
    Subcluster #2 is located in New York, bandwidth provider is Cogent. Scalability and security on subcluster #2 is still very high, but reability looks like traditional virtual hosting because of Cogent bandwidth. But it's very cheap...

    Check this stats (subcluster #2):
    Host on Fly - 100% uptime with
    cluster-based hosting system.

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