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    Infinology problem

    Infinology's "customer service" just hung up on me.

    I've had a form mail problem for two days. Emailed them Sunday, heard nothing back. Called them Monday, spoke to a tech who assured me the problem would be forwarded and repaired that day.

    Monday afternoon, a tech named Derek Booth tested the form mail but didn't fix the problem {I know he tested it because I got the form he filled out}.

    Tuesday morning, I talked to a self-proclaimed supervisor in the billing/sales department. He told me there is no tech support by phone. Wouldn't advise me, wouldn't give me his name and eventually hung up on me. {I told him I'd be making a complaint but never raised my voice or swore}.

    I even asked him for the CEO's name, which he told me is Max. Then he said he didn't know Max's last name.

    Do we get the feeling I'll be looking for another host soon? Do we get the feeling I'm gonna advise everyone to avoid these guys?

    Happy Trails -Stan-

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    I was going to order with Infinology... Thank God I had the idea to search this Forum for more information about them... They seem to be simply trash...

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    Infinology, the upshot

    Here's how the whole thing happened. I'm dropping the issue now since they completely refuse to help anyway but I'd appreciate it if you guys would let me know if I'm off base here. Since the problem started spontaneously with no changes to the site from me, I'm thinking it's not my fault. Am I wrong?

    My page at has a form to submit an email address for inclusion {it's a high school alumni site}. Everything worked fine for four months, then I started getting multiple submissions from several people. When I checked the site myself I found that even tho the form submitted, the submission page didn't jump to the thank you page like it had all along.

    I emailed tech support on a Sunday nite. No answer by Monday afternoon so I called them. The tech told me it had been forwarded to the right people who would get it repaired that day. Later on Monday, I received an email submission from their tech, who'd obviously tried the page. But still no fix.

    I called them Tuesday, talked to a billing supervisor who refused to give me his name and told me there was no telephone tech support. He eventually hung up on me {I never raised my voice or swore, just kept asking his name}. All I was left with was emailing the tech who tried my page. Here's the email exchange I had with them:

    Sunday 6:30 AM To: [email protected] Subject: chmod

    The domain is

    The mail form at email_submission.htm has stopped working properly. Forms are submitted but the browser doesn't jump to the next screen, thanks.htm.

    I've reset the file permissions to 755 but it's still not working. Can you help?
    To: Stan Goldman <[email protected]> Subject: Confirmation: chmod #22058

    Thankyou, your ticket has been received:
    Created: Jul 21, 2002 3:34:59 AM
    Last Mod: Jul 21, 2002 3:34:59 AM
    To: Stan Goldman <[email protected]>
    Your support request was answered:
    Created: Jul 21, 2002 3:34:59 AM
    Last Mod: Jul 21, 2002 3:34:59 AM
    Assigned To: Customer Service Manager
    [Jul 22, 2002 3:01:38 PM]
    A: Okay I have passed it onto a Sys. Admin. It should be working sometime today.
    Monday, 3:00 PM {this was Infinology's tech support testing my form page}
    The following information was submitted:
    From Host:
    firstname = derek
    maidenname = no
    lastname = booth
    emailaddress = [email protected]
    gradyear = 1925
    comments = asdf
    Tuesday 11:30 AM To: [email protected]

    As of Tues, 7/23 11:30 AM EDT, it's still not working. Can anyone help?
    Tuesday 1:54 PM To: Derek Booth<[email protected]>
    The form mail you tested on my site yesterday submits OK but it doesn't jump to the thank you page. Is there any solution on the horizon for me?
    Tuesday 2:09 PM To: Stan Goldman <[email protected]>
    You can either hire a webmaster to fix that, or we can do it for $35.00.

    Derek Booth
    [email protected]
    Technical Support Manager
    Tuesday, 5:07 PM To: Derek Booth<[email protected]>
    I still have no idea what's going on. Everything has worked fine for the last couple of months until Sunday. I've made no changes in the files other than resetting the permissions after the problem started.

    Can you tell me exactly what the problem is?
    Tuesday, 7:54 PM To: Derek Booth<[email protected]>
    Derek --

    Not sure if my first response got to you.
    I'm not sure what the problem is since it's been running OK since March. I've uploaded the form page and the thanks page again, then reset the
    permissions to 755. The form still submits OK but no longer jumps to the thanks page after submission. Can you tell me what the problem is so I can fix it?
    Wednesday, 12:24 PM To: Stan Goldman <[email protected]>

    You can either hire a webmaster to fix that, or we can do it for $35.00.
    Wednesday,12:27PM To: Derek Booth<[email protected]>

    I'll be glad to fix it but I still don't know what "that" is. The problem occurred spontaneously with no changes made to any files by me. Can you tell me what the problem is so I can fix it?

    Wednesday, 12:27 PM To: Stan Goldman <[email protected]>

    No. That is not what we do. We host your website, we don't debug your html errors. Thats what webmasters are for. So you can pay us a webmaster fee or hire one of your own.

    Derek Booth
    [email protected]
    Technical Support Manager
    {Then, if the last one wasn't enough, he followed with this}

    Wednesday, 9:27 PM To: Stan Goldman <[email protected]>

    See, that is just the thing. If you want us to find out what "that" is, we have to pull our web developers out to look for your problem. And if we're going to find your problem, we may as well fix your problem. Our web developers are expensive, so we cannot fix your programming / design errors without a fee.
    Derek Booth
    [email protected]
    Technical Support Manager

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    That reminds me of another host that I used to use. We were using a CGI script that we had tested thoroughly before incorporating it into the site. It worked fine for about a week then it quit working (one tech support guy even verified that nothing had been changed in the script during that week). I was passed from one tech support guy to another who swore that it was user error (even after I showed them archived results from the script). The last straw was a tech support guy telling me on the phone that "I can't tell you that you're lying but there is no way that script ever worked." Immediately after hanging up, I faxed my cancellation notice. Luckily, I was still within the 30 days trial offer.
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    I dont know what happend there.. they've always been really helpful to me. In fact... I don't even understand why you'd say Derek would do that. Mr. Booth helped me fix my asp problem just a few weeks ago.. and for me the trouble tickets work. I may be foolish but I really like Infinology. It can't be just me, right..?

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