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    Question Registrar vs reseller

    I have only ten or twelve domains, all of them registered through several resellers. But I have recently read that some people don't feel comfortable at all buying domains through resellers, so now I suspect I'm missing something. What are the pros and cons of dealing with resellers?

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    Some registrars only sell thru resellers, some do sell to individual customers. Registrars however are more "permanant" - so just make sure your email is listed as the admin of your domains in all cases.

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    I think you have to look up what kind of domains this are. As DotComster already says, the permanent way would be a registrar, but this is really not the cheapest solution. You should register all through one reseller, different are a lot of management and maybe you would get a better pricing if you have all domains at one reseller.

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    The problem with buying through resellers is that some resellers are not serious about being in this business, and when they don't answer your questions or lock up your domain so you can't edit it, you are forced to go through the registrar and that can be difficult.

    Now that said, there are some registrars who only sell through resellers (OpenSRS for instance), and I would not rule them out just because you can't buy from the registrar directly.

    There are also plenty of registrars who have shady business practices or poor support, so buying directly from the registrar does not guarantee you anything either .

    Sorry if I didn't answer your question D), but as most questions of this nature, the answer is not black or white, but varying shades of grey.

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    The only disadvantage I can think of to go through a reseller is the one mentioned by thewitt. If you get stuck with a bad reseller, then you have to jump through a few hoops to manage your domains.

    Many people don't even know they are buying their domains from a reseller. For example, many people don't know that is just another eNom reseller.

    So in my opinion, it doesn't matter if you buy from a reseller. As long as the price is good (shop around), and you have confidence that they'll be around after at least a year.

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