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    PyramidCP :

    To Windows Hosters:

    We've been developing a little something at our firm, and its almost done.
    I won't promise any dates like the other vendors, but I would like to get some
    information from you on how to make it better.

    The questions below are just something I came up with to start as a base, but please
    add any other features/ comments that you might have.

    A PDF of the PowerPoint presentation is available at (1.6mb, lots of graphics)

    "a" site is up at , but i'd wait a couple of days for the new one to be up.

    If you are interested. Its very basic and includes a brief overview of the product.

    This isn't a product offering , just a survey to get your feedback.
    Email any questions to me directly or to [email protected]

    If you like what you see and would like to help with the pre-release testing,
    please let me know as well.

    Thanks in advance for your time,

    Rahul Singh
    Anant Systems, Inc.

    General Questions

    What percentage of your Hosting clients are on windows 2000 servers?

    Approximately how many servers do you have running win2k/nt?

    Do you currently use a Control Panel to manage your servers?

    How much time do you currently spend on adding a reseller/full account? (mail, web, ftp, etc..)

    What would be a price range you’d be willing to invest for a interface?

    Have you had experience with other Windows control panels? If yes, which ones?

    Resellers : If you don’t offer reseller accounts, you can omit this section.

    Do you have resellers?

    How do you manage your resellers?

    How do your resellers add accounts?

    End Users

    Do they have a control panel?

    Do your end users have a control panel?

    Mail Services

    Which Mail server do you use?

    Do you currently use SQL server?

    FTP Services (If you use something other than MSFTP)

    What FTP server do you use?

    What features do you like about this server?

    Database Server (If you use SQL Server)

    How much time do you currently spend on adding a SQL account?

    How do your clients procure additional databases?

    Do you offer web site statistics? Such as WebTrends

    Which software do you use?
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