Ok guys,

Two notes to hit on here, and here comes #1:

Celeron 1.3GHz CPU (asus motherboard)
512MB RAM (name brand, low density)
40 gig hdd (maxtor, 7200)
300gb/mo transfer
up to 16 free IP addresses
APC Access
MRTG Graphs
99.5% uptime guarantee
Free Port Monitoring
CPanel/WHM 4.9 Included

$149.95/mo, $249.95 setup.

Or Rent to own:

$129.95/mo, $389.95 setup, 3 month min contract.

Theres are in tower configuration, but can be set into a 2u case at setup time (if renting to own, otherwise, why should you care? ) for an additional $150 (the cost of the case if not a little less i think we'll all agree).

This special will run for some time. Setup time on these servers is approximately 2 weeks as they are all built to order, and hardware can be modified at very modest fee's.

Also, we are seeking to potentially unload some cogent bandwidth in large quantities. If anyone is serious about colocating equipment, or renting such dedicated servers with 10-50mbps of bandwidth (cogent) or 5+mbps of bgp4 bandwidth (uunet, epik, level3, global crossings), (over multiple servers, racks, what have you) please contact me as i'd like to potentially set such a deal up at very close to cost sometime soon.

If you've got any questions, just let me know.