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    Question Please! Alternatives to PHPwebhosting?

    I'm looking for the following in a webhost:

    300mb+ space
    10gb+ transfers
    5+ mySql databases w/ admin
    full PHP Support
    99.9% Uptime
    $15 a month or less (I make $0 a month off the site)

    I've had a very negative experience with PHPwebhosting's uptime and I'm looking for other reccomendations. Any suggestions are welcome, as long as they have all of the above features.

    I've looked high and low....I'm asking as a last resort.

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    - $8.95, 350 MB space, 10 GB bandwidth.
    - (Special Promotion) $99.00 for a year, which comes out to $8.25 monthly. 350 MB space, 12 GB bandwidth.

    Both are reputable companies and I would highly recommend them. (I've had experience with HostNexus, but not HostCulture JFYI.)

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    PHPWebhosting sucks, they cancelled my account before without notice me, and continue to charge my card for one month

    looks like the plans at would meet your needs? I've with them and their server quite fast, but my website traffic too large so I need to move on dedicated box

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    Hi dwilson,

    What was your account name? We have RARELY cancelled any accounts without a request (and in all those cases it was due to abuse, etc.). The only times you will not get a refund are if you spam (and even then we usually give refunds just to avoid trouble!).

    It is fine if you are do not like our services but please give us the chance to make things right. Did you contact our billing department? To be frank, I find it hard to believe this situation was not taken care of immediatly if you had contacted us.

    Best Regards,

    Greg - affordable, quality hosting since 1999.

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    Hi skunksaredum,

    What server are you on? The only server in the past month with problem has been

    Please let us put you on one of our newer servers for free (2 months lets say?) and then come back here and give a report if there has been any downtime. All our new servers are dual CPU 1 ghz+ servers with 1 gig+ ram and full scsi RAID (hardware not software RAID).

    I want to make sure this is resolved properly. If you want to get the ball rolling yourself, just sign-up on our homepage and you'll be put on one of the newer servers.

    Best Regards,

    Greg - affordable, quality hosting since 1999.

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    Thanks for the recommendation, Synthetic. I'm curious if I know you from our own forum......
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    That is a very generious offer from phpwebhosting.

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    Try these people

    I would recommend you try these people:EHOSTPROS.

    I host here and they are very prompt in service, always on line for chat and decent priced too.


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