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    Question Does anyone have any info on the these web hosts?

    I am currently using for my small website. I have been very happy with them, and have nothing bad to say about their service. However, I now want to add PHP and mySQL to my site, but Hostway charges too much, in my opinion, for these features.

    I have been looking around and found the following hosting companies. Does anyone have any info on these companies?

    blue domino
    Laughing Squid


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    HI sam,
    You can probably find feedback by using the search tool above.
    Just type in co. name and see what results.
    Im pretty sure you will find feedback on bluedomino and thinkhost...not sure about the others though.
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    Isn't bluedomino owned by coffee cup?

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    Originally posted by edude
    Isn't bluedomino owned by coffee cup?
    Yes they are, they are out of Corpus Christi Texas.
    I have a few of their former customers.;-)

    I think they have a decent enough rep tho.

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    With "unlimited" bluedomino, be sure to read their TOS. ( )

    They have a very interesting definition of "unlimited":

    Unlimited Services

    Unlimited is determined by a set of Internet averages. At Bluedomino, we divide available resources by the number of users on the system. At any time that you exceed our averages, you will be contacted to discuss payment for extra services or moving your site to a dedicated server.

    Be sure to also note their terms if you do cancel your account:

    Account Cancellation Fees and Refunds

    All account cancellations are subject to a $20 USD cancellation fee. If you purchased your domain name through and wish to retain the domain name after account cancellation, you will still be charged for the domain name registration fees at a rate of $15 per name, per year of registration. Should you decide to cancel your Web Hosting account after you have downloaded the free software provided with your account, you will be subject to a fee equal to the retail value of the software you have downloaded.
    So... pay $20 when you cancel, and just in case you downloaded their "free" software, pay for the software too. Their website advertises, "$300 worth of free software"...

    If they were honest, they would say it clearly that the software is free for only people who host with them until the end of time.

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    I have hosted with bluedomino for about a year now. They are sufficient... but their administration tools aren't all that hot and they haven't gotten much better over time. I really used to like the coffee cup HTML Editor, but it too hasn't gained much in the past year or two either...

    I actually came to this forum looking for a host to transfer FROM bluedomino...

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    "Unlimited is determined by a set of Internet averages."

    Aha! The old 'average unlimited'.

    I also get a chuckle about it's free to join but it costs money to quit. . .That's one way to eliminate refund requests, dropouts too.
    You'll get fewer complaints from over performing than from over promising.

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    I have been affiliated with Thinkhost for some time now (at least a year) and have not made one sale with them.

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