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    * Free Hosting with CPanel4!

    CPanel4 Shared Web Hosting Introductory Offers!

    WiseOnline is under new management and has experienced rough times due to our past Management Team. We are willing to regain our reputation by offering the members of WebHostingTalk a plan which is time-efficient and free for review for the first 30 days with no payment obligations. We allow the customer to review our services under our Acceptable Use Policy/Terms of Services and rate our service accordingly.

    This offer is available to all WebHostingTalk members free of charge. WiseOnline will be offering an increased amount of space from the previous offer of 50MB to 100MB free of charge for 1 Month. If you wish to subscribe after the one month of introductory service this will be a monthly cost $9.99 with no setup fee.

    Not every Web Hosting Company in the industry can maintain a 100% record, but they could maintain a level of more positive, then negative comments. We would like to establish a communication with our potential clients which we'll offer them as much as we can without risking our service. This is the only fair and honest way to run our business.

    The below information is our detailed chart of service offerings with the free trial of 30 days. Please keep in mind there are limited amount of accounts available during this offer. The offer will last until July 31st, or until the remaining free trial accounts are no longer available. In this effort to regain our reputation, and establish a list of successful experiences we will be releasing 20 evaluation accounts fully functional with our CPanel4 Management tool. These trials are multi-domain friendly, and the multi-domain functionality can be added without additional costs, or membership obligations.

    We encourage our viewers to take advantage, and experience our service. In this effort we will have a draw on August 1st in which the winner will be awarded 6 months free hosting for participating in this offer.WiseOnline has the potential, and ability to offer outstanding service. To take advantage of the below offerings please post !Signup domain name! via PM or within Thread, and we'll contact you with access information.

    Service Features

    Web Space: 100MB
    Bandwidth per Month: 10GB
    Static IP Address: Yes
    POP 3 Accounts: Unlimited
    Autoresponders: Unlimited
    Aliases/Forwarders: Unlimited
    Own SMTP Server: Yes
    E-Mail For Subdomains: Yes
    Neo/Uebimiau Webmail: Yes
    Mailing List Manager: Yes
    Web Interface for Mail: Yes
    Custom MX Records: Yes
    FTP Accounts Allowed: 3
    Anonymous FTP Access: Yes
    Telnet Access: Yes
    SSH1/SSH2 Access: Yes
    Access / Error / Xfer Logs: Yes
    HTTP Analyze/Bandwidth: Yes
    Analog: Yes
    Domain/Subdomain Stats: Yes
    Latest Visitors: Yes
    Graphical and Text Counters: Yes
    Scripting Languages: Yes
    FrontPage '97/'98/'02 Friendly: Yes
    MySQL Databases: 4
    MySQL Users: Unlimited
    Web Interface to MySQL: Yes
    Subdomains Allowed: 5
    Control Panel 4.x: Yes
    Search Engine Submit: Yes
    Password Manager: Yes
    Custom Error Pages: Yes
    File Manager: Yes
    DNS Management: Yes
    Guestbook Manager: Yes
    Simple CGI Wrapper: Yes
    FormMail Clone: Yes
    Event Clock/Countdown: Yes
    Entrophy Search/Banner Ads: Yes
    Cron Jobs/Mime Types: Yes
    Apache Handlers/Redirects: Yes
    HotLink Preventor: Yes
    Spam Assasin: Yes
    Chat Applications: Yes
    phpMyChat Room / Java Chat: Yes
    XMB Bulletin Board: Yes
    Macromedia Shockwave Friendly: Yes
    Real Networks G2 Friendly: Yes

    Support Features

    All accounts come with 24/7 telephone/e-mail support with all free trial accounts. In addition we offer our new InstaTech Program where you the customer, have acess to a dedicated technician who can asist you anytime of the day, and is already familiar with your situation.


    Regardless of trial, or non-trial account we offer 99.9% Uptime Gaurantee.

    All experiences should be recorded at:

    Thank you all for your time. If I have violated any rules/regulations please PM me so I may edit the post. I'm 99.9% correct I didn't break any posting rules
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    Anyone else interested, 10 accounts available
    Kevin L. - WiseOnline Solutions
    Under New Management
    AIM: WiseSupportKev

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    Please reply with the following to have your account activated;

    Full Name
    Company Name
    Zip/Postal Code

    Telephone Number
    Fax Number
    E-Mail Address

    Domain to be used
    Kevin L. - WiseOnline Solutions
    Under New Management
    AIM: WiseSupportKev

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    20 Accounts Now Available! Let's get this rolling.
    Kevin L. - WiseOnline Solutions
    Under New Management
    AIM: WiseSupportKev

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