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    resellers upgrading to own server

    Hi All

    I would be intrested to know if hosting business's that offer reseller accounts find many customers who start off with a reseller account will in time move to having there own Dedicated server or collocation server. Is this something you see happening much or do you find not many customers upgrade from reseller accounts?

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    i wouldnt really know but i expect that they would stay with u aslong as u provide good customer service and good support like im gonna!

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    I find that the resellers I host generally dont use more than our largest plan offered, and aren't interested in the cost or responsibility associated with actually having their own dedicated machine. There are leaps and bounds between reseller and dedicated. It takes a lot more time, knowledge, and effort to maintain a dedicated server for your clients than it does to grab a reseller account. If this wasnt true and dedicated boxes were just as easy and quick as reseller accounts, you would see less people buying and selling reseller plans.

    Personally I think that it is a good idea for someone interested in web hosting to start with being a reseller. That way they can learn the aspects of managing the company without worrying about a machine too. If they dont know about managing a dedicated server they should also get a small box for at home and install Linux on it and play around to learn the OS. Then when they get used to both aspects of the web hosting business, and their client base has built up, move on and get a dedicated.

    I think this is the best way to avoid seeing another cyberwings situation;-) IMHO.
    Jordan Bouvier

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