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    * Sorry if I sound a little harsh in this post. I do not mean any offense to anyone who's related to the law industry, as I am taking about my personal experience *


    I just can't believe this. I received a bill from my lawyer today and instead of $3,000 we were talking about, it said... you guessed it! $5,900

    I don't get it. No warning! Nothing! Boom!

    I needed lawyer's services for when I sold a network of web sites for around $10,000... now it turns out that I have to give 60% of it to my lawyer (not to mention 30% on taxes, etc. etc.).

    I just needed to get this thing out of my system.


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    Well, with all the people who post stories here about web hosts being evil, I suppose it's only fair. . . .
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    Why don't you ask to them for what the additional $2,900?
    Since both of you did not talk about this amount previously.
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    Well, the thing is that we talked about $2,500 and an hourly rate in the beginning, but it was only supposed to get around $3,000

    life's funny like that...
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    Sounds like you should have:

    1) Got a lawyer with lower fees


    2) Sold your network for more than 10 grand

    Sounds to me like you didn't plan this out very well.

    BTW, I have a bridge in Brooklyn for sale. Would you possibly be interested?

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    Well, lawyers usually charge $70-$300 per hour, depends who's taking care of your case, a trainee or the boss...

    Otherwise they usually take 15%-20% comission, but I never heard about charging both of them! ]

    Sue them!!!

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    When you obtained the lawyer, their reuired to state their fees in writing, upon closure of the case, they also must substantiate in detail all time spent. Just request that, and if anything looks out of the ordinary go and talk with him/her. carrier grade colocation at a affordable price!
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    so that's how much sitepoint got for it

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