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Thread: any guidence ?

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    Question any guidence ?

    hi everyone,

    1.) There are many kind of control panels available for the clients to monitor and manage their website.
    BUT could some one tell me, how does a hosting Company manage and Monitor their clinents on their servers, is it through the same Cpanels available or some else software.

    2.)And also how can one restrict malicious cgi,perl,etc scripts to run on their servers.

    and any info on securing / managing the servers will be really appreciated.


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    What type of monitoring are you looking for. Most have monitoring such as watching bandwidth and diskspace. What else do you need? Also i would get a book on the OS you are planning on using to help secure your server, there isent really one guide to do it all.
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    monitoring is fine, but how do u manage clients and re-sellers on your server, is there a software to do this. ? by the way i m talking in regards to Linux as a server.

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