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    $300 10mbps Cogent with Level3 backup colo is offering:

    10mbps bandwidth (measured on MRTG average)
    100mbps burstable port
    Cogent Bandwidth with Level3 backup
    Includes 2U of rackspace


    We are offering this bandwidth at Cogent's cost but including a Level3 backup.

    We are waiving the setup on this for all WHT members. Get Cogent bandwidth before Cogent increases their pricing.

    Carrier-grade data center.

    We are in the Layerone data center and are currently one of their largest space segment customers.

    If you are looking for dedicated servers or reselling dedicated servers, contact me at [email protected] as there are many large customers in the facility offering servers and I can help put you in touch with the right company for you.

    [email protected]

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    Re: $300 10mbps Cogent with Level3 backup colo

    How much would additional rackspace be?


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    nice offer emoore

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    nice offer
    In just two days, tomorrow will be yesterday.

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    What are they increasing it to?

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    Additional rackspace is $30 per U with this offer. You can combine multiple servers across this bandwidth.

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    Rumor from Cogent is they are increasing the pricing to $60 per mbps. Again, this is rumor but a lot of the reps have mentioned it.

    The word on the street that I have heard is Cisco is getting ready to do another large investment and wants them to increase their bandwidth pricing.

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    So would the increase affect you current prices, ie once they increase are you going to increase our prices.

    or is it just increase to new accounts?

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    All of our current bandwidth is under contract pricing meaning that is set for a period of time. Our current customers will not be effected by a Cogent price increase.

    We may raise our rates for future customers if Cogent raises the price to us as we are in this business to make money.

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