I've worked at 2 ISPs doing tech support work back in 1995 while building websites. I since learned Perl/mod_perl/PHP and have created plenty of websites (soup to nuts) and web applications. You can view my project gallery here:


That only contains a small part of what I've done, nonetheless I have about 15-20 projects there for companies from FedEx to Daimler-Chrysler.

I have a system using Perl (will run with mod_perl as all programming is in modules and I always use strict etc.) and Template::Toolkit. It is an MVC type framework which I've found makes it easy to get up to speed, easy to evolove and easy to debug and test. If you view the above site you can see the templates and data model which merge to create the view you see.

When doing sites in PHP I also try to keep a separation of the design layer from the programming layer.

I've worked at 3 different jobs in the last 7 years and I've worked on a lot of code written by others in every way you can imagine. So I can work on existing code no matter how it's written.

I'm seeking primarily telecommuting work but I can also be onsite for periods of time. I live in Germantown, TN but I also travel to Brazil frequently and I can go anywhere in the world.