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    * Please review our site (Free life time Hosting with Redesign)

    I may get flamed as I posted a similar post on another forum within the last 5 days, but I feel that I did not make my self clear enough. I am wanting comments (suggestions) on how to make my website a better web site. I have ideas which I would like to incorporate into a new website. I am looking for other ideas...

    I am also lookign for someone who is willing to incorporate changes into a new website for my company Hyperesolutions, LLC in exchange for lifetime of hosting.

    Please contact me online or email me [email protected]

    Thank You

    Chris Kellly
    Hyperesolutions, LLC

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    You may want to settle on how much RAM is installed 3.6 or 2 gb.

    Perhaps proofread your main page - Shopping Card?

    Offer a forum in the support area.

    Clarify pricing is monthly based?

    Your terms and conditions page doesn't show any terms or conditions.


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    it's a great start. the thing is that your industry is very competitive and it will take a lot to set yourself apart from others. there are many great hosting sites out there. now my question is... what can you bring to the table? i ask this because nothing grabs and makes me want to stay and look around your site. whether it be low price, design, logo, great features, etc. something needs to grab the potential customers.

    the good thing is that you have your content ready and it looks as if it is enough. maybe you can add more later on. many don't even have that much content. since content it very important. add more to the faq section. i feel the faq section to be very important for someone who doesn't want to email questions and look and goes directly to the faq for some immediate answers.

    i not to thrilled to see that background image repeating the web address. either find a new image or create it as a solid image. i do like how the site looks simple and professional. the design looks as if it was made during the early to mid 90's. that maybe something you were trying to achieve, i don't know. it also doesn't make that a bad thing either. you may also want to widen the site to at least 700 pixels wide since it looks pretty compact.

    when going through the site, i notice you don't have a home button anywhere. you might want to add a link to your front page.

    great start though. i'm looking forward to seeing some improvements. i hope what i said helped. i see how that you are serious about your company since you asked for comments to improve the site. that says a lot about a business.

    good luck on whatever you do.

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    the site looks ok.....but to imrove it you could do some of the following...
    1) make it wider (as already mentioned by visualnewbie)
    2) Fix up the header with something a little more stylish
    3) use CSS
    4) use valid, better structured markup(for forward compatibility and accessibility) could cut down the current HTML to about half by getting rid of some tables....THat would also make the site faster.....

    cheers and good luck

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    I would make the site wider as others have mentioned. More content would be nice too ie more FAQs. It also seems overly simple and almost boring. More graphics would be nice but don't over do it in the dept. Good start tho

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