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    webdesign buddy

    I'm looking for webdesign buddies I can help or get help from. I do not have many webdesign friends, most are stuck back in geocities and homestead. I do require a certain skill level though, I don't want to get dragged down by n00bs. You can go to my site and see my work and I'v just finished a new template that matches my latest skill But please no newbies! I'm 16 years old and just looking for some good friends that could help me advance and maybe I could help advance them. If you want to be my buddy contact me on aim/aol Gizmo7779


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    hi there,
    I checked out your portfolio and you have done some good work.......
    I am always looking to meet other designers.....Although of late I spend most time on CSS/XHTML and standards stuff.....(which is well worth learning).........
    ANyway, my sites are listed below.......if the stuff isnt too Noob then drop me a I dont use aim/aol.......


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    hmm... not working....

    anyway...nice to meet u both...

    my site is at
    and if you guys like to meet other designers/dhtmlers, you are invited to visit the designers' forum at

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