For nearly 10 years, I did web hosting for my clients in addition to other projects and jobs I had going on. I am fluent in all operating systems, highly experienced with networking, I can php code from scratch or modify existing code, work with mysql, perform optimization, firewalls, including iptables, swatch, and I could probably go on further.

I am looking to fill the void, so to speak, I have other projects going on right now but do have time to do this or that, address everything from simple issues and handle highly complex issues. Most of my work right now involves php coding and looking to keep my skills sharp in all areas.

I've used Plesk for many years, I've worked with clients who had CPANEL and pretty much name it.

I registered my first domain in 1995, I was on AOL in 1987 on a Apple IIGS, my first modem was a 2400 baud, and I ran a 3-line BBS. I know Mac, Windows and Linux, I enjoy helping people with any issue, small or complex.

For those who care, I am a red-blooded american, and my only language is English.

Ideal position would be a "fill the void" type position, pay on a per ticket basis. I'd prefer no set time schedule, but generally can provide support 8-5pm M-F CDT, 7-midnight, and even be on call (pager) for overnight or weekend issues for outages or anything major.

I'd also entertain "partner" offers and anything else you want to toss my way. I am not looking for full-time or part-time dedicated work, but I can offer broad coverage for you on a as-needed basis.

On the random chance someone has a high end offer for full-time or part-time hourly, I'd entertain it as well.

Please PM me for more information, to get my resume or inquire further.