hey guys,

There's something funky happening on my Ensim enabled box. It may be Ensim related or not...not sure.

When a new domain is created through Ensim, I have been having to go into SSH manullay and edit a funky rewrite that is happening. Every new domain has a rewrite at the bottom that looks something like this...


Now I had made a change to an apache.py file trying to get subdomains to work and when I opened that file, the rewrite was in there...so I thought this was the master culprit behind the funkiness. I edited that file, restarted apache and added a test domain. then I went and looked and the new zone file and that !www.www.domain.com is still there.

Basically, if I enter domain.com it goes tot he right place. If I enter www.domain.com, I get a 404.

Any suggestions?