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    Will work for free

    Ok, I posted a message like this a few months back and got a few offers, but the people who were interested were mainly interested in my php/mysql therefore I didn't learn much. So Im going to put this offer up again, this time WITHOUT my php/mysql skills (I need a break). And when I got PM'S like below, I got turned off:

    What you want to know? Ill teach you, then you can code some ****.

    Anyways, here it goes again. I am 14 years old, and am looking to get a jump start into the hosting industry. I am reliable, and also a quick learner. I am looking for a person that would like to "train" me, or help me learn about the webhosting buisness. By that I mean how to dp/fix stuff that may occur with a server. What to do when a client reports an error or has a problem. Stuff like that.

    In exchange I will answer support tickets, emails, etc, once you feel that I have enough knowledge. I hope to be able to become a Remote System Admin in the next few years, or be able to help out hosting companies.

    If anybody is interested in helping me out, please PM me.

    Thank you for everybody that PM's me (if any ). And thank you to all WHT members who increased my knowledge about MANY webhost related items.


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    kinda the same with me but im 17 and i need to know if there is a free course i can go on some where in the uk must be around the north west of the UK - Liverpool Web Design - Liverpool Clubbing

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