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    where 2 register .tv

    Hi all
    just i want to ask you about any good site that let me register .TV domains
    i don't like because it is cost me alot or cose it doesn't let me serch for 2 digits at .tv

    i want better than these site s

    thanx all for helping me

    this is Gleeds

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    .TV domains are a strange breed.

    There are some domains that are "reserved" for registration only at the registry. In the case of the OpenSRS interface, if you enter one of these "premium" domains, you'll get redirected to the website - with the current "auction" price displayed. These prices can range from $50 to $500,000 and more!

    The volume of these domain registrations is low, so don't expect to find them for the same costs as the gTLD domains. The cheapest I've seen for "standard" .TV domains is in the $40 range.

    Good luck!

    myOstrich Internet - OpenSRS Domain Names & Digital Certificates

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    Gleeds, you should really reconsider. Basing a business around a .tv extension isn't exactly the best move. Just my opinion.

    Good luck nonetheless. >> Web hosting forum
    I own a webhosting community hosted at
    Thank you DomiNET

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    NetSol sell .TV domain names, but I don't know if I'd recommend them!

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    yes, coz they own .tv registry!

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