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Thread: Logo needed....

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    Wink Logo needed....

    Well a freind created this for free for me...
    however I would like it to look a bit more professional...
    and the size he made it is absurd!!!!!! 700+ some odd pixels...

    Here is current layout (in design phase of course)
    I want the pic on top left (monitor etc etc) kinda combined w a new and better looking 2nd pic....
    Along w some kinda catch phrase underneath company name.
    I want the background tranparent or white...
    Colors of #660099(secondary) and #003366(primary) to be used
    and to have some form of a "technical" feel to it....
    and I would really like to have the text do something orginal....(exp. logo the 'x' extends back to the 'v' and looks lik an down arrow) Something sublte like that would be great.

    I can only offer around 20-40$ as of now...but prefer something free in trade for perm advertising for you on my comp site and all inquiries i get for graphic design will be reffered to you.
    I can even throw in free hosting .. depending on amount of grpahics you do for me I will be willing to go up to lifetime of my comp hosting...
    Meaning you do all my graphics (which I sux at)
    I'll be more than happy to host you and send reff's as long as I'm in business (and I don't plan on failing anytime )
    This 1 logo WILL not get you any more than 6mo's free and after that you will pay normal cost for hosting...which is more than comprable to $$$ in the end

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    Email sent

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    Did not get an email :(


    I did not get your email.


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    Lol damn fast.. check again.. i had to resend as first one cause Outlook to crash for some reason

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    EzSnake, found your guy already ? or still open?

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    Still open
    he seems to not have actually read post and has no samples..

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    Dallas, Texas
    I made some "entries" for you. I didnt quite understand what you meant so I made different kinds to see if I hit any of them on target. All images are fully customizable, and they all come with original layered .psd files.

    I can give you one or all for $25.00

    Thank you for your time, Look forward to a reponse.
    Best Regards,
    Jeff @ ePixel Media.

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    Closed... Jeff see PM

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