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    my registrar is down. Can I transfer domain ?

    Folks, I am with and used their registrar to get a domain for myself. Now as we all know both these sites are down, can I transfer my domain to say if my original registrar is down ? Or I have to hope that some day they will be back ...

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    I believe that is a GoDaddy reseller, not a registrar. You should be able to transfer away just fine if the reseller is no longer active, since GoDaddy is the registrar.

    You can tell who the actual registrar is by doing a whois search. The resultant data will come from the registrar's whois database.

    If you don't understand how to do this or this is unclear, PM me or email me your domain name and I'll be happy to help you identify who your registrar is.

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    Thanks thewitt for insight... Here's whois reply from


    Registrar: Cyberwing Communications (
    Domain Name: <mydomainname>

    Domain servers in listed order:

    Can you please comment on this. who's my registrar ? Am I doomed ?

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    That doesn't tell who the register is. You need to look above to see where the whole whois report is coming from. (That's the official registrar).

    If you have your own contact info listed on the administrative contact, you should be fine (just make sure cyberwing can't login to your domain control panel).


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    Its actually wildwestdomains.
    Patrick Schrader

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    I have the same problem

    I went to Godaddy (and since my own compuetr had crashed with the registration info enetered what i recalled) and they did not find me. I have a question in to Support, but am unsure, since my contact info uses two cyberwings domains!!!

    Registrar: Cyberwing Communications
    secureserver net--> jomax
    Domain Name: ARENSON.ORG
    Created on: 03-Jul-00
    Expires on: 03-Jul-03
    Last Updated on: 12-Jan-02

    I want to see if I can at least temporarily change to a backup site....


    I have hosting on cyberwings. Assuming they NEVER
    come back on line, or are down for an entended period....

    Can I specify a different nameserver (?) in godaddy or wherever my domain is regsitered WITHOUT losing my cyberwings account?

    my account is and
    and the account EQUALS the domain name. So I am wondering,

    will I lose my cyberwings account and ability to send by ftp to it
    if I set up my domain name to point to a temprary place, or can I keep both the new place and the old place?

    I got this confusing explanation from about
    having THEIR service point to TWO places at the same time, which is not clear:


    > Can I (without modifying the domain registration) have
    > point that domain name to a new site that
    > I might host on tera-bye. Or do I have to have the domain reassiged
    > once I move?

    ANSWER--> You just need to change the nameservers.

    > (2) If I DO need a domain name, I guess it is easy enough, though
    > I would lose my hosting at Cyberwings I think.

    ANSWER--> Yeah, if thats where its pointing. You could sign up for redirection, and
    setup subdomains for both if you like.


    (OPTION A) Send Nameservers to a new account, on tera-bye or whereever

    (OPTION B) Have them continue to point to Cybwerings and use
    redirection to pint to another site.

    IS THAT POSSIBLE---> --> go to cybwerwings
    AND redirect to

    That sounds impossible, but just wondering what your take is on that?

    I assume that if I want to keep my users who have ftp/email accounts
    such as [email protected] (non commercial, I am not a reseller but a
    teacher who gives his students a bit of webspce) I will have to transfer
    the domain to point to a NEW site like that on tera-bytes who offer
    these if cybwrwings continues to be in trouble.


    [email protected]

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    Both domains are registered with GoDaddy.

    When you talk about hosting account names and domain names, they are totally unrelated.

    You are the admin contact for both your domains, so you should have full control over them, however if you don't know your GoDaddy control panel username and password, you need to get these from GoDaddy. They will require you to FAX them proof of ID, etc, but you want to do this and get control of your domains.

    Using GoDaddy's control panel software you can change your nameservers to whatever hosting company you are using and then your "accounts" on that system will be where your domains go.

    myOstrich Internet - OpenSRS Domain Names & Digital Certificates

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    Thanks all of you for info... thewitt is correct. I have some printouts taken from my domain registratation and I do see as site name on top. I tried using same customer number and password but it does not work. I have sent question to godaddy about my customer # and pwd. Let's see what they reply... . I am the primary contact for my domain and can send them photo copy of liecense if they need it.

    Thanks again folks...

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