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    Question The best URL redirection service?

    We have expanded our URL redirection service with several new domains.

    We have also changed our main domain from to

    Our service is still completely ad-free and will continue to be so.

    Try our free service:

    Some of the features:

    - Redirecting with and without "www."

    - Advanced META TAG support: All important Meta Tags like description and keywords are included on the Redirecting Accounts (still quite important for search engines!)

    - Dynamic IP support: Members can easily update their target URL to their current IP adress. This is perfect if you want to use your own computer as a web server.

    - Intelligent Path-Forwarding! will be forwarded to the directory "path" on the target URL only if the directory exists (if it does not exist you will be forwarded to the "normal" target URL).

    - Cloaking on/off: Members can choose whether to hide their URL behind the Redirecting URL or not.
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    Just curious about the point in time where the business plan calls for paid services

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    Thanks for the post/link.

    Many domain dealers use redirection service & many use & so, how would your service compare to MyDomain? Just curious. I'll certainly visit your site.


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    We will continue to offer free URL redirection but we will also add paid services (no member will get forced ads).

    We believe in ad-free redirection and will try our hardest to earn revenue in other ways to keep the service ad-free.

    There will be banners on our frontpage as a start and we will add some paid services.

    The future will show us how it goes but our service is here to stay.
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    Im not familiar with but I visited the site and it seems like they offer another kind of redirection service.

    They offer to park domains for free?
    And then redirect visitors?

    Our service is different, we dont park domains, we offer a free short domain which is already registered by us. You can basically say that our service is for people who dont want to buy a domain for some reason.

    We may add a free parking service in the future, nothing decided yet.

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    Thumbs up

    Need to add that Threepwood is an all-round professional guy that purchased one of my famous 3-char domains

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