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    PHP not working correctly

    I have PHP setup on my windows box locally and it seems that most of the PHP doesn't work and is basically just a static website.

    I have a simple page that just has a querystring and loads into an IFRAME the contents of the querystring. The site all works live on a Linux server but locally it just doesn't.

    I have reinstalled PHP a few times too but still to no joy. Has anyone else seen a problem like this before? I went through the PHP.ini and things seemed ok.


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    Have you set .php files to be executed by php.exe or the module in your webserver config?
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    Yup, am using IIS btw.

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    PHP Code:
    <?php phpinfo(); ?>
    work? You say "most" of the PHP doesn't work -- if some does, what does not?

    Few checks:

    - You are calling up the page using IIS (localhost, or the appropriate local IP address) not just referencing the file (c:\myfolder\somestuff.php)?

    - You have checked in IIS that the .php extension is included in the App Mappings tab of the Application Configuration dialog (Configuration button, Home Directory tab, Properties dialog for that site)?

    BTW, a good way to work with PHP and MySQL locally on a Windows box is to use PHPDev -- it installs Win Apache, PHP, MySQL for you and it basically just works (see
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    Thanks for the replies.

    I can confirm phpinfo works.
    I am calling up via http://localhost

    .php, .phtml, .php3 are all mapped to php.exe in the windows directory.

    I am also using the latest version of PHP from the PHP website. I have used PHPDev before but I wish to still run IIS as I develop in ASP too. This problem didn't used to happen which is weird.

    I'm all out of ideas, I would have thought if a website works under Linux using some very basic variables and querystrings it would work under Windows.
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    most of the PHP doesn't work and is basically just a static website.
    What, exactly, doesn't work? What, exactly, do you mean by static website? You have to be way more specific.

    What version of PHP are you using? Have you read the docs?

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    Let me explain. I have a website which uses a PHP include three tiimes to include different sub-pages into the page. This is working, the three included webpages are in this page. However. I have setup an IFRAME which the contents of is expressed via a querystring $pg. So for the IFRAME to show the page example.php I would call mainpage.php?pg=example.php This all works fine when I upload but to my Linux server however when executing a querystring I find that it just refreshes the page and doesn't show the page within the IFRAME.

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