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    100mb of space, 1gb of transfer, NO technical support, $3 / month.

    I was just wondering how many of you would be interested in this deal. It seems that there are several people out there who only want to pay a few dollars per year, and since no real hosting company can offer these prices, in addition to support and stay in business, I thought I would post this offer + poll. Our company does offer regular hosting plans with excellent technical support, but we decided to try a new approach since so many people want to pay pennies for hosting.

    Currently, we are just inquiring about this, and if there is a demand for it, we will be more than happy to start signing people up. So please place your vote

    WHAT YOU GET: (for $3 / month)
    • 100 mb of disk space
    • 1GB of Data Transfer per month
    • NO TECHNICAL SUPPORT. Don't write, don't call, and don't email. There isn't even access to a ticket system.
    • H-sphere Control Panel Which allows easy handling of all features
    • Unlimited POP3 Email Accounts
    • Unlimited Email Forwards
    • Unlimited Email Aliases
    • Unlimited Mailing Lists
    • Unlimited Email Auto Responders
    • Unlimited Sub Domains
    • 1 MySQL Database
    • phpMyAdmin
    • SSI
    • PHP 4
    • Transfer Logs
    • Referer Logs
    • Raw Access Logs
    • Agent Logs
    • Disk Usage Reports
    • Webalizer Site Statistics
    • SSL Support
    • 24/7 FTP Access
    • Sub FTP accounts
    • Custom Error Pages
    • Password Protected Directories
    • Free Setup
    • Frontpage extentions
    • Pre Installed cgi scripts
    • phpBB2 Forum Software
    • OSCommerce Shopping Cart
    • Web Based Email Access
    • Perl
    • File Manager
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    What's the price for all this?

    Personally, I would not be interested in such a plan. Never ever would I sign-up with a host that offers no means of customer support. In addition, the bandwidth offering is too low for my needs.

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    The price is $3 a month

    We currently run a successful hosting company with great technical support, great uptime, and great packages. The reason for this post was this:

    There are so many people that fall victim to these hosts that offer these types of prices, in addition to great support. We all know that no company can offer support to any decent number of clients for $3 a month, so we thought we would try an honest approach. We can offer the service for $3 a month, but there will be no support. If you decide that having no support isn't right for you, you can upgrade to one of our other hosting plans that start at $10 a month.

    Again this is just an inquiry at this point. I really don't think anyone would be interested. But if i posted the same package above promising great support and all the other goodies there would be tons of signups. Something I cannot understand

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    There's a difference between no support and no contact.

    Also, I have no problem with no support as long as the system's running and everything's self-explanatory. Thus I don't particularly need tech support. But I would need support for any problems on your side.

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