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    * very nice and professional hosting template up for bid !!


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    Ok here's the deal now !! The bidding has been cancelled. Each template is now $50, except template 17 or temp17 which is only $30.

    You'll get customized menus, headers and plans. you'll also get psd and a html file. I can do more pages and even the whole website for extra money ofcourse.

    Edit :: here's the new link.
    Edited Template

    Second Edit :: another template for sale now . Send me your offers via AIM @ prelude785 or pm me or email me.

    Third Edit :: yet another template for sale now . Send me your offers via AIM @ prelude785 or pm me or email me.

    First person to give me $120, takes all three

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    Nice template but the grey throws it off.. way to much grey. just 2 plain plain colors just my pennie

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    well i can customize the colors, and i thought of the same thing about the colors

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    You should probably make it look good with what ever colors before you put it up for bid. Maybe you will get more people that want it. Just my 1/50 of a dollar.

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    Never Mind.

    A mod can delete this.

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    the template is still up for sale and i'm not making any adjustments to it just yet. Once the template has been bought, the buyer can let me know of the exact colors, if they want.

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    Are you going to charge the buyer for making adjustment like changing the colors?

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    ok here it is ..... i've changed the colors. I was planning on charging for changing colors, unless they buy it at the buyout price. But now i've changed my mind. I've already changed the colors and here's the link to the new one.

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    Still to basic colors for my liking

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    i've designed another template, here's the link . I'm not sure how much i'm going to be selling this one for, but pm or email or contact me via AIM @ prelude785 and let me know your offer. BTW no bids yet.

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    yet another template , first person to give me $120, takes all three

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    a pleasure

    I bought template 16 and may i say it was a pleasure to do business with prelude785.

    the template was in my customised and my email within half an hour.

    if only all online dealing could be so good.

    keep up the good work.
    put the boing back into your site

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