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    Serves for sale!

    Anybody wanna buy a server?

    I'll soon have about 10 brand new servers for sale if anybody is interested either pm or reply here. They are different kinds so if anybody is interested, just reply and I l tell you. Price of the cheapest server is $600!

    BTW these are just servers and not service.

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    Might help if you posted what they have in them.
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    Sorry, I've sold all of them so far. I will probably get new ones in few days!

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    Be sure to let me know when you get more

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    Is this one of those things, where you take the money say youur shipping it, but use the money, and go get the hardware, put it together, hurry, and ship, and make a good $50.00 off of it? God, I remember those days. please post some specifications of these servers I'm interested...

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