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    MAIL guru for setting it all up

    I need a server guru that knows a lot about mail and operations. The problem is the site is on a load balancer and mail sent from the http servers (not listed in the DNS) are getting marked as spam because a) they're not in the DNS b) they send mail through their IPs. This job will include:

    1) Setting up SPF
    2) Configuring multiple servers in a load balancer to either send through the main mail server (SMTP forward) or all be included in the DNS properly
    3) Ensuring DNS is set up properly

    Optional: (at extra pay of course)
    4) Installing a proper SPAM solution to prevent junk from going into my inbox

    If you think you're able to do the above or have good knowledge in the area please send me a PM or e-mail me.

    Please do not needlessly use up your time nor mine if you are not great at this kind of work. If you've dabbled with it, or just started or done one or two, please DO NOT e-mail me. I'm looking for a experienced professional that's done this more times that he/she could count!

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