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    Question What is the best test server?

    I am looking for a good test server for my developing needs. It requires PHP, Perl and MySQL.

    I was using cyberwings but they are not very reliable.

    I guess what I am asking is what is a server with PHP, Perl and MySQL and little downtime for the most cheapest price?

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    Free, go see for links to hosts like this.

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    If you're just wanting a testbed for your scripts why don't you run everything locally on your own system to save uploading?

    A very easy way to do this is to download a package with
    everything included from the URL below. It installs in just a few clicks and there's no fiddling with any config files. Once running, you can test out all your scripts on your own system.

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    The best test environment is actually one that is exactly the same as the live environment (or as close as you can get it). This way you will be able to run on exactly the same config.

    Obviously you will be running on localhost and and an internal IP rather than a public server though.

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