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    here the layout so far for me website Gamers Vision . If anyone could give some advice on what i could change i would appreciate it. Also it won't always be hosted on that server, just keeping it there until i find a decent deal (why i said that i dont know...)

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    Nice site!

    The only thing that I see that I would change is that the text on the images around the pictures at the top is a little hard to read. I'm talking about the "Preview - Rocky" stuff. Also, you might make the title of your site a little bigger so people know where they are.

    Other than that,
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    Looking good, great start! I think it would look better centered instead of the left alignment. I agree with WebmastTroy that your title in your header has to be larger. Your menu categories are hard to read (navigation,reviews, game of the moment). Don't forget your copyrights.

  4. Not a bad site, however, I feel that it's somewhat too busy. Try making the headers for news items simpler. Also, make the text easier to read as has been prevoiusly pointed out.

    Other than that, nice site.

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