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    Thumbs up New sleek universal template (part 2)

    Hello Everyone:
    I made another new template, this one was going to replace our current design, but we are looking for a different style. Its great for almost any kind of website.
    (click "services" to view subpage and rollover)

    The auction will start at 25.00 USD.
    Please use increments of 5$ or more.
    Buyout price is 50$

    Please post bids here, and not emails that way everyone can see the current bid.

    Comes with the following features:

    - Original Layered .psd file(s).
    - HTML files along with images used.
    - Fonts (Upon Request).
    - CSS file

    Extra possible options:

    Change text, colors, and Links- $15.00 USD.
    Complete customization - $20.00 USD.

    Also, please see our other templates

    Thank you for your time, Look forward to see responses.
    Best Regards,
    Jeff @ ePixel Media.

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    I don't normally use 800x600 resolution, but I am right now (since I'm also designing a site), and your template scrolls off the screen in it. Since it is suppose to be the most commonly used resolution, I'd fix that if I were you

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    yeah definitely make it 800x600 viewable w/o scrolling

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    Thanks guys, I can't believe I didnt catch it..
    All fixed now..may need to refresh, if you still see the same.

    Thanks again,

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