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    What's up with Site5

    I'm having a curious problem with my shared account at Site5 and wonder i f anyone else with a Site5 account is having a similar problem.

    My site is currently offline for exceeding bandwidth, even though it has used only 3.8 out of the 15 GB allowed so far this month.

    I've emailed them twice in the past 6 hours requesting they get my site back online and/or an explanation for the problem. I have not received any response from them, and my site is still offline.

    I find this very curious for a company with such a good reputation as Site5.

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    Sorry to hear about that but there is a bug in cpanel that pops up from time to time and misrepresents bandwidth. I think you should use the contact means on their site and give it more than 6hrs before posting in a forum like this, but thats just my opinion.
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    On the very few previous occassions I've had to email Site5's tech support they have always replied very quickly and been very helpful.

    That is why I find this time to be very "curious".

    I sent in an emergency page about an hour ago with no response, so I guess no one is there at this time to be receiving the messages. This is just a guess, mind you, otherwise I would think I would have heard from them.

    In any event, maybe I'm off base, but 6 hours seems like a long time during the day to wait for a response when a site is down. BTW, logs indicate the site has been down now about 16 hours.

    My purpose in posting was to find out if anyone knows what's going on.

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    You could always use the excuse that it's sunday...

    But site5 is an online business - and the net never closes's really beyond me why you're waiting so long - I'd have to agree, I suppose. Nobody there to reply.

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    Hi Sunny,

    I sincerely apologize for the delay. We actually have three people online and working today, so the "Sunday" excuse isn't the case here.

    This is just a very odd problem, and as of yet, we have been unable to reproduce it reliably or even determine the source. It is my understanding that there are quite a few Cpanel hosts who experience this same issue from timt-to-time.

    I think what will end up happening is I will be rewriting the bandwidth monitoring system on our shared servers to use TCP/IP traffic logging (I.E. Bandmin) as opposed to the Apache module system that ships with Cpanel.

    Again, I apologize for the delay. We should have your site back online shortly.

    [EDIT: This problem has been resolved. Sorry for the inconvenience.

    Further clarification... one of our staff members unsuspended this account earlier this morning, however it was unsuspended improperly (because it was disabled by the bandwidth monitor, not actually suspended). This issue has been corrected, and we have removed all bandwidth limitations on all shared hosting accounts until we can get this problem sorted out. ]
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    Good job Matt ^_^ *thumbs up*
    It's coming... ^_^!

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    Thanks Matt! Mystery solved. Thanks for the thorough explanation too. And your dedication to resolve the problem once and for all.

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