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    Question Any review?

    I am a cw refugee. I'm now doing some researches on several hosts and come up with Does anyone has any review of this company? Reading some links from this forum, I'm not sure if this company just started Jan, 2002. However, the "about us" link indicates that the company started in 2000. Just curious... as I think I won't use their service if they've just started in Jan. Experience with cyberwings have taught me a lesson.

    thanks for any suggestions!

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    Any comments? please?
    I'm looking for a host < $20 a year. 30MB diskspace, 10 IMAP/FTP account.

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    Wrong forum to be posting an "looking for hosting" post. Try posting in the "Request an offer" forum, or whatever it's called..

    You'll get plenty of responses there.

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