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    Question proftpd verry slow "Waiting for Server Response"

    I use a standard raq4 configuration, for ftp is used proftpd 1.2.4-C2

    But the problem is, if i will upload a verry small file, the minimum time is always 12 seconds. In this time I see the message "Waiting for Server Response" I don't like to wait....
    But I know this is normal for an standard cobalt/proftpd config...

    But by another (only hosting account) there they used "Microsoft FTP Service" if i upload a file there it's fixed in 1 second!!

    Is there something to change in the proftpd configuration to make it faster?

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    You should make sure that you have reverse DNS setup for the IP address that you're connecting to. If this is not setup then you will be waiting for the DNS timeout to occur every time.

    To check the reverse DNS, get to the shell prompt on the server and do:

    nslookup nnn.nnn.nnn.nnn

    Where nnn.nnn.nnn.nnn is the IP address of the domain that you are using when you connect via FTP. If there is nor translation for the IP address, then that is your problem.

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    This is the result of nslookup:

    [admin admin]$ nslookup nnn.nnn.nnn.nn

    *** can't find nnn.nnn.nnn.nn: Non-existent host/domain

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    Hi. We have got 15 Cobalt Servers. and we had the same problem
    We solved the issue by doing some modifying to some of the config files. now we have fast ftp response times

    Here is the code to fix the ftp problem

    # Disable ident lookups and reverse DNS to speed connections
    IdentLookups off
    UseReverseDNS off

    if you need help with this or want me to update your servers
    the email me at [email protected]

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    Okay thnx!

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    I think that you mean the complex-virtual.conf file
    located at: /usr/doc/proftpd-1.2.4

    there was IdentLookups off
    UseReverseDNS off

    I canít is change it is off

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    no, IIRC it would be at /etc/proftpd.conf

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    ok, I fount it!
    But where in the file I must add this: <Global>
    IdentLookups off
    UseReverseDNS off :

    # This is a basic ProFTPD configuration file (rename it to
    # 'proftpd.conf' for actual use. It establishes a single server
    # and a single anonymous login. It assumes that you have a user/group
    # "nobody" and "ftp" for normal operation and anon.

    ServerName "ProFTPD"
    ServerType inetd
    DeferWelcome off
    DefaultServer on
    DefaultRoot / admin
    DefaultRoot ~/../.. site-adm
    DefaultRoot ~ !site-adm

    # Port 21 is the standard FTP port.
    Port 21
    # Umask 022 is a good standard umask to prevent new dirs and files
    # from being group and world writable.
    Umask 002

    # Set the user and group that the server normally runs at.
    User nobody
    Group nobody

    # Normally, we want files to be overwriteable.
    <Directory />
    AllowOverwrite on

    # A basic anonymous configuration, no upload directories.

    # Restore file permissions capability to site administrator
    AllowChmod on
    # Report localtime, not GMT
    TimesGMT off

    <VirtualHost nnn.nnn.nnn.nn>
    DefaultRoot / admin
    DefaultRoot ~/../.. site-adm
    DefaultRoot ~ !site-adm
    AllowOverwrite on
    DisplayLogin .ftphelp
    <VirtualHost nnn.nnn.nnn.nn>
    MaxLoginAttempts 3
    ServerName "FTP"
    ServerIdent on "FTP Server ready."
    DeferWelcome on
    AllowStoreRestart on
    DefaultRoot / admin
    DefaultRoot ~/../../web site-adm
    DefaultRoot ~/web !site-adm
    AllowOverwrite on
    DisplayLogin .ftphelp


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    Yes, it's definitely /etc/proftpd.conf where you would put the directives if you want to switch off reverse lookup.

    Having said that, you should still look into sorting out your reverse DNS - it can be important for other services, especially mail, so you should make sure that either you or your DNS provider sets up those reverse DNS lookups.

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    You can stick them anywhere, but near the top, perhaps after User and Group directives would make for nice reading.

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    Yes!! It works -> pro ftp is really fast now, thanks a lot!

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