Server Systems Administration NZ / SSANZ is a new local entity within New Zealand specializing in Hosting Server Systems ( Linux ).

All of our staff have a minimum of 5 years in the hosting industry, with minimum requirements of RHN ( Full certified Systems Engineers and Linux+ Comptia. ) Our staff are thoroughly tested on linux systems before any work is done on customers hardware. ( Too many inexperienced monkeys out there! )

Areas of Service;

* Server Security - Firewall Config/Setup, BFD/LSM/tripwire config/setup, pen-testing, exploit patching.
* Management - Cpanel(s) - Cpanel(10&11), DA, Plesk.
* anti-dDOS services.
* Server clustering - load balancing, Server DC placement management.
* Hosting Systems Design

All staff are available 24/7. We don't leave you stuck in the mud!

Feel free to contact us;

+64 (0)4 889 0500
[email protected]