combines reliability, high performance, ease of use, and superior customer service to deliver a comprehensive and easy-to-implement answer to web site hosting. offers the industry's most competitive prices, and the most complete set of features available. Our robust feature set offers enhanced capabilities, such as easy account activation and site adaptation, to create a solution tailored to your specific requirements.

All of our plans are equipped with 30-day unconditional money back guarantee. If our services did not exceed your expectations, we will refund you immediately and you can keep the domain name that you registered as our thanks for a chance at your business.

Basic Plan

- 200 MB Storage Space
- 5 GB of Monthly Traffic
- 150 E-mail Boxes (SMTP/POP3)
- MySQL Database
- Web Based E-mail
- Microsoft FrontPage 2002 Extensions
- Full FTP/shell access
- Majordomo Mailing List
- Unlimited Auto Responders
- Custom 404 Error Page
- CGI, SSI, SSH, SSL, Perl, Python, Java
- C/C++, PHP3/4, Real Audio/Video
- Active Server Page Support
- Password Protection
- Comprehensive Web Statistic
- 24 Hour Server Monitoring
- Free Live 24/7 Technical Support
- Daily Backup
- 99.7% uptime guarantee
- 30-Day unconditional money back guarantee

Server Hardware & Components!

- Dual Intel Pentium III 700 Mhz Processors
- Apache Web Server
- 512MB - 2GB Ram
- Dual 100 Mbps Ethernet Nic Cards
- 18 and 36GB SCSI Drives (10 & 15K RPM)
- 100% Burstable On 2.5 Gbps Network
- All Servers Run Raid 5
- Extremely LOW Users Per Machine Ratio
- CPU Monitored 24/7

- Excellent Customer Service!

One of our strongest aspects, is our reputation for extremely fast and accurate customer support responses. Because we use a ticket based support system, we have been able to respond to inquires within 45 minutes, on 90% of all requests.

Network Connectivity & Infrastructure Layout

Our connectivity to the Internet consists of 1 OC12, 3 OC3's, 1 DS3's and an OC48 Self-Heal Sonnet Ring to bring you superior up-time and reliability. With multiple connections to the major backbones 95% of all traffic is routed directly to its destination, which means customers access your site faster without having to go across multiple networks. Our entire network is powered by the highest quality Cisco routers and switches along with fiber optic connection throughout the network. Protected by a self-healing ring design, the network automatically reroutes traffic in the event of an outage, such as a fiber optic cable cut.

For only US$ 7.95/Month

10% Discount on Semiannually [ 6 month ]
20% Discount on Annually [ 12 month ]

Semiannually => 7.15 x 6 = 42.95
Annually => 6.35 x 12 = 76.30

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