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    Thumbs down Verisign/Netsol DNS changes

    Are they not the worst outfit to deal with when getting any kind of changes done to your domain!!
    It takes 4 ever!! You fax them these changes and it still take 5 to 7 days they say to get things done.
    Oh yes you can pay 29.95 to get it done quicker they say.
    What a pathetic company.


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    They still haven't improved then I see.

    I last dealt with Netsol about 3 years ago - never again. Their clunky system combined with slow implementation of changes and expensive prices was ridiculous.

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    call them up, and demand a supervisor... keep demanding one, and they will put one on. They should give you a different fax number, where they can pull it up on their computer and make the changes... trust me

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    Re: Verisign/Netsol DNS changes

    Originally posted by dale rethke
    Are they not the worst outfit to deal with . . . . . .
    Well; yes. Yes they are. You just have to keep on em.
    There is no best host. There is only the host that's best for you.

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    I totally agree with heretic. Just ask for a supervisor. I did that an my changes were done in 24 hours.

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    the most expensive & the worst in customer service. I'de recommend you move any domain names out of Verisign. I like GoDaddy & Enom.

    GoDaddy's domain mgmt. panel is a breeze!


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    Seems for a while, all the customers who signed up with us had registered their domain with Netsol / Verisign. 90% of the customers didn't have the email address that was listed under the admin contact for the domain.

    You are correct, they are a huge company with the worst customer service posible.

    Here is a tip that I found out when dealing with a customer service rep.

    It is a very little known fact that any operator who answers has the ability to make any of the changes you need done. They also take notes and document each phone call and attach it to the domain. This info can be looked up at any time. Demanding a supervisor may just get you put on hold. When you get tired of holding you call back and the new rep will be reading the notes and laughing. It's a little game they play when they are board.

    The important part is that whoever answers can make the change and will ask their supervisors permission if they feel like helping you.

    I make sure I have crossed every t and dot all the i's when dealing with them. Then when I get a service rep on the phone, I try to remember that they have been dealing with angry people like me all day long. A friendly customer is a refreshing change to them. So I suck up my anger, act like i am clueless and try to be as friendly as possible.

    This works about 75% of the time. You will always get the idiot who just doesn't care at all, but a 75% success rate is better than waiting on all of them.

    Don't pay the $29.95 it isn't worth it.

    And yes, we request all of our customers transfer their domains to our account or at least away from Netsol/Verisign

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    I thought I would have to give up my first born to change my name server on NetSol. Rediculous!
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