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    Smile Blue Gravity Communications

    I wanted to post briefly about my experiences with my host Blue Gravity Communications.

    I don't do a lot of traffic. In the big sea of the internet I'm not even a fish; more like brill. But I've never felt that way in my interactions with Blue Gravity. Their customer support has been exceptional. It's never taken more than a day for their people to add a domain to my account and update their nameservers. Their people have always answered my questions promptly and curteously, even though I'm just on a 25.00 a month shared hosting plan. I've been extremely pleased with their timely, professional customer service.

    Accessing my account information, adding domains, and generally taking care of business is extremely easy. The web-based account center they use is very intuitive; when I first started using Blue Gravity I knew absolutely nothing about web hosting, but I was able to figure out how to manage my account and set up all the useful features like email forwarding and POP3 email access. In terms of updating my sites, their FTP servers are extremely fast. Their site, their servers, are all very reliable. I don't think my sites have gone down (or even slowed down) once since I posted them.

    In terms of what you get for how much money, I'd suggest you take a look at their site at I have the B plan, which looks like this:

    25.00 a month
    5GB of bandwidth a month
    up to 5 domains (additional domains are 0.50 each a month
    100MB of storage

    For 50.00 you get 20GB of bandwith. If you're a slightly bigger brill than me that might be more your style.

    They have a partnership with a company that registers domains for 12.50 a year (!) and is doing 2 years for 20.00. Hard to beat that...

    At any rate, I've had very good experiences with them over the year or two I've been involved with them and I highly reccomend them to anyone looking for a paid host. Check them out:

    Blue Gravity Communications

    Hope this is useful information, and good luck to all the would-be fish in the sea.

    -Matt Belanger

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