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    Payment Problems With GoDaddy

    When I try and pay for the domain I am getting it says:

    * Unable to complete your purchase.
    * Code 2 - Your credit card was Declined. This could be due to an incorrect expiration date, your billing address or zip does not match your credit card billing address, the card has not yet been activated, or the card is over its limit.

    This is wrong, all the info is correct and the card is not over its limit. I am in New Zealand but that shouldn't be a problem.

    Has anyone had this problem and know the solution?

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    Never Mind, I payed with American Express instead. Also I think the problem was that my Mastercard was one of the New Zealand Mastercard's that won't work for international transactions.

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    One of the reasons that they did not list - which bites many people making international purchases - is your bank does not exchange authentication information with the merchant bank used by GoDaddy. This makes it impossible for GoDaddy to actually verify the transaction, and if their attempted fraud rate is anywhere nears ours, they will be screening as hard as they can to make sure they don't go out of business with stolen credit card orders...

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