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    Question Do I Get Emails Fowarded To Me For Free With GoDaddy?


    I am in the process of registering a domain with, but I need to know do I have to buy an additional Web/Email account from them to use my domain for emails as well? Do I need to buy a Web/Email account just to recieve emails sent to [email protected]? I don't care about sending emails from [email protected] but I just want to be able to recieve emails sent to [email protected], and have them fowarded onto the account I hold with my isp.

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    No you don't... it is confusing and they make it seem that you have to, to be able to receive mail. If you own the domain, you can host where you want and still receive email without purchasing that option from godaddy

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    Thanks very much, now I'll finish registering

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    I would confirm this with GoDaddy technical support.

    What you are talking about is email forwarding, not hosting as DrChaos answered. He is correct, you can register your domain anywhere and host it anywhere, the two actions are unrelated - however if all you want is email forwarded from your domain to your email account at your ISP, someone needs to "host" this service for you - it's not automatic.

    If GoDaddy provides email forwarding for free with their domain registration, they will more than likely clearly say so. If you cannot locate this on their website, ask them.

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    After rereading his message, it may be that he is leaving it parked on GD servers and will need forwarding services as thewitt said. I guess I assumed too fast that he is hosting somewhere. My bad.

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    Register with Godaddy then use a free DNS service like (yes thats a real URL) which provides DNS and catch-all email forwarding services.
    Or get a free hosting account (with banner) that also comes with catch-all email forwarding services.

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    GoDaddy upgrades

    Following is a recent email I rec'd from GoDaddy, with regards to their latest upgrades/enhancements.

    1. Effective June 21, 2002, transferring domain name ownership is FREE.

    Prior to this, transferring ownership cost $9.95, and required that certain paper documents be signed and notarized. Due to many requests by our customers, we have changed this process entirely. The new process is now free. It's much more convenient, yet still very secure.

    We no longer require you to sign paper contracts. To effect a change of ownership, just log into "Manage My Domains" and change the appropriate information regarding the domain name (usually the Registrant and Admin info). That's all there is to it!

    To assure your security and to prevent your becoming a victim of mischief, we do two things when you request a change of ownership. First, we immediately send an email to the owner of the domain name before the actual transfer of ownership, alerting him or her that the transfer been made within our system. Second, we "lock down" that domain name in our system for 60 days. During this time, the domain may not be transferred away from Go Daddy to another registrar. This allows the prior owner of the domain to alert us if it should not be transferred, and we will reverse the transfer if we're so alerted.

    This new policy makes it very important that you make sure your current email address is on file with us, and that you check your email periodically.


    2. You may now purchase packs of 5 email forwards for any Go Daddy-registered domain name for only 99 cents per pack per year. Buy as many packs as you like!

    Many of our customers have requested the ability to purchase email forwarding along with the domain names they register. Now you can now do this simply by logging into the "Manage Your Domain" area and clicking on the appropriate link.

    Forwarding lets you re-direct anything that's sent to one email address, to another email address. For example: Suppose you purchase a domain name called "" You buy an email account to go along with it; let's call it [email protected].

    Then, for just 99 cents, you could create 5 email forwards that "funnel" into that address. Let's call one of them [email protected]. Folks could then email you at [email protected] and you'd receive it in your [email protected].

    Then set up [email protected]; same thing. [email protected]. [email protected]. [email protected]. And so on. See how valuable email forwarding can be?


    On behalf of all of us at Go Daddy Software, Inc. please accept my sincere appreciation for your patronage. We are pleased and proud to have you as a customer.

    Bob Parsons, President
    Go Daddy Software, Inc.

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    Ok, now I do have hosting but I'm still a little confused. Can my host provide the email foward without buying the fowarding from GoDaddy? I think that's what's been said but I'm not totally sure.


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    If you are hosting somewhere else, that host can usually provide your forwarding, you don't need to purchase it seperately.

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