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    eNom reseller accounts - $7.45 per domain!

    If you're interested in purchasing domain names for only $7.45 each as an eNom reseller, feel send me a PM. is one of the largest registrars on the net. Every domain you register through your reseller account will have all the features they offer, including:

    - URL forwarding/framing
    - Email forwarding
    - DNS management
    - Online domain control panel
    - 10 page website

    As an eNom reseller, you will also have access to:

    - RegistryRocket
    - PDQ
    - The eNom automatic registration API
    - Sub-account creation (so you can create your own reseller accounts)

    Every domain you register will show your company in the whois listing as the registration service provider.

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    Wow, that's a great rate. Is there any setup fee or purchase minimum?


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    PM me for details...
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    Love the offer. Sent you a PM.

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    I got it.

    It's a great deal (I think).. you can get an amazing price.

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    you say theres no purchase minimum, but presumably the $100 credit card thing applies?
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    It does.


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    basically, you can purchase "credit" amounts in $100 sets

    So you pay $100 and you register whatever you want and when you get below 7.45 or whatever pricing you have, then you stick another $100 in there.

    Thats the way I understand it anyway.. sounds like a good deal. I think i'm going to sign up soon

    Has anybody signed up yet? comments?

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    That's actually not the case.

    You can pay any amont of money via check or wire transfer. CC refill limits range is $100-$3000. You can refill any amount in that range, with a fee of 3%.

    Balance is non-refundable.


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    Yes, you only have a minimum $100 initial "fill up" for your account if you use the credit card. If you use check or money order than you can do any amount.

    As mentioned, the balance is non-refundable.. but I've never had anyone quit on me.... if you find someone else offering a better deal, you can just move your account over to them and your balance will go with you.

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